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Winter Wonderland

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Cupcakes are so perfect for time inside this winter!

Our Winter Wonderland cupcake kit makes 4 fun and fabulous cupcakes. Each kit comes with four silicone cupcake molds, 2 snowflake toppers plus Forest Frost sprinkles, a snowman hat, candy corn nose, "coal" eyes with a dairy-free chocolate chip smile, a gluten-free oreo cookie to make your penguin, two candy eyeballs, and mini Starburst for a penguin beak and feet.

Your kids will have so much fun cultivating their creativity with these edible works of art. When it's cold outside, the fun is inside! Have fun baking memories!

(The picture shows you two Oreos: in your sprinkles packet, you will receive a whole Oreo, as you see in the picture. Then, you will separate it and create the penguin parts, as is shown in the picture)

- Adult supervision required.
- Large sprinkles could potentially cause choking risk; please use caution.
- Mixes produced in a facility that also processes nut products.