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    Start baking memories with Kids' Cake Boxes


Perfectly sized cake kits for one-on-one time with your mini baker.

Don’t let busy schedules and activities get in the way of making memories. Our cake kits are the perfect activity to bring families together. So, put away the to-do list, turn on your favorite music, dance around and be silly, and start baking some memories!

Our cake kits come with pretty much everything you need—we even have gluten free options! They are great for playdates, parties, and afternoons together.

“My girls were so very excited to get mail that had cake in it!”

Quiana, TX

Cultivate Creativity!

With so many different cake themes to choose from, your child can explore all their favorites and create their very own fabulous (and delicious!) work of art.

options of fancy sprinkles included in cake kit boxes. @kidscakeboxes
child waiting in front of oven for her cake to celebrate at home

Why Kids' Cake Boxes

Kids' Cake Boxes DIY cake baking kits for kids

1. Convenient

So simple! We ship nearly everything you need right to your door (you only provide the milk, egg, butter, and vanilla...you know, things you already have in your kitchen). Then all you have to do is bake some memories. So easy. So fun. So delicious!

2. Little cakes, big smiles

What kid wouldn’t want to make their own cake and then share their creation with family and friends? Our cakes are perfectly sized for little appetites.

3. Don't miss out

We know it’s cliche, but they do grow up so fast. Don’t miss another opportunity to make (or bake) lasting memories with your child. Tip- have your camera ready!

Baking with friends

Join our community of little bakers. Share your stories and memories with us for a chance to be featured in our Inspiration Gallery.

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Our Value, Our Difference

We do the work. You bake the memories.

Kids' Cake Boxes nourishes childhood creativity and strengthens family relationships by promoting quality time together with enriching, hassle-free kits for perfectly sharable, delicious cakes sent right to your door.