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Welcome to Kids' Cake Boxes!

Here we bring friends together when they have to be apart; here we put smiles on faces of kids of all ages, for every reason and every season. Kids’ Cake Boxes is about bringing joy and celebrations of all kinds. And we do it all with cake! 

Let's Bring the Party Back "Together".

Send Personal-Sized Cake Kits and Everyone Makes a Cake!


Child on Zoom birthday party enjoying a tiny cake from his kids cake box

Share an Experience

Celebration Ideas

Make Memories

children and mother baking DIY cakes together for virtual birthday party. Kids Cake Boxes are a great idea for virtual parties for kids of all ages. @kidscakeboxes
contents of cake kit for DIY cakes for virtual party. Kids Cake Boxes are cake kits for kids of all ages. @kidscakeboxes

What's in a Box?

What Each Baker Needs to Provide

cake ingredients guest provides to complete cake for virtual birthday party


"This is genius!" Jo, party host, CA

"We got to share birthday cake with friends across four different time zones!" Jen, party host, CO

"This cake is so good!" Sam, party guest, CA


Let's Get Baking

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