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A perfect way to bake memories all year long! With these quarterly subscription boxes, you will receive a surprise cake kit four times a year for one whole year!

Our Cake Boxes come with a cake pan (included in your first box), cake mix (regular or gluten-free), frosting mix, cocoa powder (to make your cake and frosting chocolate, if you'd like), fabulous cake decorations, and a recipe card. 

Our cake mixes have been carefully created and measured to fit the cake pan included in our kits. So with our subscription boxes, your first box will include the cake pan, while your subsequent boxes will have everything except the pan. We do this to 1) help the environment and 2) keep you from filling up your cupboard with lots of little pans! So hang on to that first perfectly-sized pan and reuse it for all your Kids' Cake Boxes subscription boxes. 

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- Adult supervision required.
- Large sprinkles could potentially cause choking risk; please use caution.
- Mixes produced in a facility that also processes nut products.