Celebrate Love

Kids' Cake Boxes Reddy-or-not cake kit for kids with red sprinkles in shape of a heart on top of personal-sized cake for virtual party ideas for Valentine's Day

Hello, 2021!

I know it seems like January hasn't even really gotten off its feet yet, but I find I need to already start looking ahead toward Valentine's Day to ensure that all those Cake Boxes make it to your loved ones in time for a very happy and special V-Day celebration. 

I'll be honest (I always am): I was never truly a huge fan of Valentine's Day because it just always felt a teensy bit wrong to have just one day set aside to express love to those around you when love is something that should be shared every day. Plus Valentines' dinners at fancy restaurants always seemed crowded and over-priced and a bit forced. I'm a bit more of a down-to-earth kind of gal.

But I will admit, I have embraced it a bit more and it has become a fun excuse for delicious sweets at home and going that little extra mile to show just how much you truly do care for the ones you love.

Every year I tease my husband as I remind him of a Valentine's Day when we were dating all those years ago. He had purchased a classic heart-shaped box of chocolates for me as a gift and came over for a dinner I was preparing. He wasn't in the door three feet and hadn't yet said hello when, with the box of chocolates held tightly in his hands, he said, "Can I open these now?" I laughed and together we enjoyed chocolates before dinner. (May I suggest dessert before dinner every night?)

Valentine's Day has grown on me over the years (my funny Valentine helps) and it is a fun way to show those around you you're thinking of them and loving them. Whether you're enjoying dinner together or whether you're half a world apart, Valentine's Day is a day to shout "I love you, too!" just a little bit louder. And that is important and that is fun. 

Go ahead and send deliciously sweet Kids' Cake Boxes to your loved ones. Or make them right there in your own home with just your sweet family. Kids' Cake Boxes is such a great way to say "I Love You" because it is unique and it is enjoyed together and it creates a memory with those you love.  

Love. It's what makes this world go 'round and what makes it all worth everything. Celebrate Love on Valentine's Day and on every day. Because love and Kids' Cake Boxes are so very wonderfully sweet. 

pssst...Check out the video and learn how to put a surprise inside your cake! https://youtu.be/zs4MYh837lI