Honoring Military Kids, Too

Kids Cake Boxes are also a way to bring military friends together. Keep connected to those loved ones back in the States or at your old duty station by sharing cake kits. Picture of military father with young sons in uniform.

Veterans Day is a day of recognition honoring all those military members who have served or who are serving in America's armed forces. I thank you, thank you for your selfless service to our country and to all of us. On this Veteran's day, I'd also like to thank all the military kids. All those amazing, courageous, resilient children who are enduring all that the military requires of their service member and, therefore, of them. 

Military kids are near and dear to my heart, namely because I have three of them, and because we know what it means to be one. We know. One of the challenges is the frequent PCSing. The moving from place to place. You leave your friends. Frequently. That is hard on everyone - both on those going and on those staying.

One of my favorite parts to Kids’ Cake Boxes is that even outside of a pandemic, it is designed to bring distant friends together. When I started Kids' Cake Boxes, military kids were on my mind. These cakes kits are a way to include those friends left behind in your next birthday party or gathering. It also reaches to your loved ones back in the States, if you're stationed overseas, and vice versa. Now that the world has adapted to the virtual meet-up, my heart is lifted at the thought that all those distant friends and family can be more easily included in special life events. 

To all our military kids: thank YOU for your service.