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Hosting a Virtual Party with Kids' Cake Boxes

If you're here, it's likely because you're looking for Covid birthday party ideas. And as Covid stretches on over an entire year, we all are going to need virtual birthday...

Kids Cake Boxes. Ideas for virtual birthday party. Picture of boy on Zoom birthday with his cake kit from Kids Cake Boxes.

It could be that virtual parties disappear after we emerge from Covid and all of its restrictions. Or virtual parties could be here to stay. After all, they have also provided us a way to include friends and relatives who live far away. But either way, Kids' Cake Boxes is a great idea for Zoom birthday parties for kids of all ages. Sending cake kits to your party guests keeps the party together; it keeps it cohesive; it keeps it whole; it helps keep some normalcy all while generating happiness. And that's our goal. 

If the virtual party truly does run its course, Kids' Cake Boxes is still a fun party idea to do with your entire party right in your own home (oh, the thought of having friends over in your own home again!) You can have the whole party bake and create their own cake kit as you celebrate the birthday at home. DIY cakes are a fun party idea and these mini cake kits are the perfect size for each guest. 

Give Kids' Cake Boxes a try and spread the word! You'll find that this is a fun party project everyone enjoys doing. 




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