One for the Mamas

Founder of Kids' Cake Boxes, baking memories and cake kits for kids offering regular and gluten-free cake kit options

As another Mother's Day approaches, I find myself reflecting. Reflecting on all things "mom." From my mom and who she is to me, to me as a mom to my three little bugs, and to all the moms out there right now -- at any stage in their mom journey. All those mamas doing all the everything. You know what I'm talking about. All the things we do everyday to keep the boat afloat; to make sure our babes are growing in mind, body, and heart; to make sure all those little boxes on our daily checklist get checked off so that we can do all we need to do -- for our kids, for our families, for ourselves. 

But it seems that more days than not, when I lay my head on my pillow, I may have checked off most of those boxes, but I find myself reflecting on the quality time. How much quality, unscheduled, time did I get with my kids that day? Was there any at all? Or, in our over-scheduled lives, have we eliminated space for quality time? 

Oh, I work at it, I do. I make sure I sit and play puzzles with my little one and read stories to everyone before bed each night. My oldest likes to ask me his important life questions while we lay together as he falls asleep. Moments I cherish. But what if I could shut down the rest of the daily noise -- just every now and then -- and really, truly carve out quality one-on-one time with each of these precious creatures? That would be lovely. For me AND for them. Because at the end of it all, it's those tiny, quality moments of joy that create the comfort of home and create the memories. 

Kids' Cake Boxes has ventured off on a slightly new journey. One that embraces connections of all kinds: connections to those loved ones far away and connections to those loved ones right in your home. Moments of joy and quality time spent together between parents and children are what define a childhood. Making those little, special memories together are what keep them coming to you for all those important talks over all the years and they're what keep their hearts warm when they look back and remember growing up with you. 

Kids' Cake Boxes brings you some of those small, ever-important moments of joy with your children. Be together in screen-free, quality time, enveloped in moments of happiness, moments together. Grab Kids' Cake Boxes and start baking memories. Because they're great kids. And you're a great mama.