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Thinking Outside the (Cake) Box for the Holidays

New, fun family traditions could just be starting!

Kids' Cake Boxes Mornin' Sunshine cake kit for Thanksgiving virtual party ideas

It's true, Kids' Cake Boxes was founded on the premise that we should connect with our friends for our birthdays, which is so great! But birthdays come only once a year and connecting with friends and family needs to happen much more often than that. Which is why Kids' Cake Boxes can be used for so many different occasions. 

As I sit here, it is early November which means Thanksgiving is right around the corner. And with our Covid restrictions on travel and gathering in large groups this year, it may mean that you're unable to get together with your extended family or neighbors.

So why not plan a virtual date to make personal-sized cakes together? Consider sending Cakes to all the cousins then log on and have fun decorating and enjoying cake together. And looking to December, maybe Cake Boxes are Grandma's gifts this year so all the grandkids can connect over the holidays. New, fun family traditions could just be starting! 

These are just a couple of ideas for virtual gatherings with family and friends. But there are so, so many other ways Kids' Cake Boxes can be used beyond just children's birthday parties. So go ahead, Think Outside the (Cake) Box and let me know what you used them for!



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