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Hello There!

Thanks for stopping by. I want to tell you a little bit about me and the heart of Kids' Cake Boxes. 

Kids' Cake Boxes are perfectly-sized baking kits for children that brings families together for quality time in the heart of the home. Like so many other families, baking is a thread that has bonded my own family together for generations.

Geared at family happiness and celebrating childhood, Kids' Cake Boxes is also so much more. We also hold the sugar-aware parent at the forefront of our designs because, as a registered dietitian and mom of three, I have a keen understanding of the parental struggles with childhood sugar consumption. Kids' Cake Boxes helps ease those concerns with our perfectly-sized baking kits for little tummies to share. I wanted a fun baking kit that didn't leave the family with large portion sizes or sugary leftovers for days but instead simply provided an enjoyable and happy afternoon celebrating childhood.

In addition, as an Army veteran spouse, I have spent many years moving all over the country far from family and friends, often parenting "alone" while my husband was away with the Army throughout his active-duty career. And while he was gone, he, of course, missed out on many childhood moments. Because of this, I deeply understand the unbelievable importance of spending quality family time together while you can, and I want to bring that to all families. 

Providing an opportunity to focus on a non-traditional craft, Kids' Cake Boxes kid-friendly baking kits are an engaging enrichment activity for your kiddos. It not only helps build confidence in the kitchen but inspires young bakers and encourages creativity in the baking arts. With its perfectly-sized cakes, we are here to bring joy to parents and children as they bake memories together. 

I genuinely hope you and your kids have fun making these perfectly-shareable cakes with one another. So grab your aprons and smiles because it's time to start Baking Memories! 

Happy baking,
Karen Hetz
founder | chief happiness officer | mom | MS, RD
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