Our Story

Kids' Cake Boxes founder with her children. Kids' Cake Boxes provides personal-sized cake kits for kids

Hello There!

Thanks for stopping by. I want to tell you a little bit about me and about the heart of Kids' Cake Boxes. 

I’m a mom. A mom to three amazing little people. They are full of energy, love, and giggles. But, when social distancing began with COVID, they grew sad. I soon realized this emotion was not isolated to my children, and I was determined to help children everywhere feel a little bit happier. So I came up with Kids' Cake Boxes to bring friends together with a fun and happy activity to do during virtual birthday parties so even the virtual guests got to eat cake!  

As COVID begins to come to an end (thank goodness!), Kids' Cake Boxes has organically pivoted its focus from virtual gatherings and embraced what it has provided all along -- an opportunity for parents and children to spend quality, one-on-one time together. Particularly after this past year of screens, screens, and more screens, Kids' Cake Boxes is a way to shut down the external noise and create something fun and delicious together in the kitchen. Have you ever noticed that time spent together in the kitchen is time spent bonding? It's almost magical. I love that. And I love that Kids' Cake Boxes brings this to your family. 

Cake was a natural fit for me as cakes are what we do here in our home. Every year, for their birthday, each of my kids gets to design whatever cake they want, and we create it together. Cakes in the past have ranged from robots and medieval castles to rattlesnakes and parrots, to name a few.  It’s nothing professional, but it’s fun, and it’s happy, and it’s memories, and it's time together. And that’s what Kids’ Cake Boxes is all about.

Childhood is fleeting, and the small moments together are the most important ones of all. I truly hope you and your kids have fun making these perfect personal-sized cakes with one another. So grab your aprons and a couple of forks because It's time to start Baking Memories! 

Happy baking,


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