Our Story

A Little Bit About Me

I’m a mom. A mom to three amazing people ages 9, 6, and 2. They are full of energy, love, and giggles. But, when social distancing began, they grew a little bit sadder since they had to stop their "normal" interactions with friends. I soon realized this emotion was not isolated to my children. I wanted to help them – and I want to help yours – feel a little bit happier. So I came up with Kids' Cake Boxes to bring friends together and to stay connected to those vital support networks that we all need. 

Birthdays were the first to come to mind when I developed Kids' Cake Boxes. Let's be honest, the virtual birthday party lacked a bit of something when it first started out. I decided to brighten that special day by offering cake to every virtual party guest so everyone could feel included in the celebration. But, like all things are meant to do, Kids' Cake Boxes grew...beyond birthdays. I love all the moments for which Kids' Cake Boxes can be used -- for any reason in every season. Because every day is one to celebrate!

We are also a military family, moving frequently. My kids have always wanted to include friends from their old homes in their birthdays at their new home. And now they can! My heart is lifted that they can include those long distance friends in their celebrations and get-togethers. 

Cake was a natural fit for me as cakes are what we do here in our house. Every year, for their birthday, each of my kids gets to design whatever cake they want and we create it together. Cakes in the past have ranged from robots and haunted houses to rattle snakes, chickens, and parrots. They are the creative eye, I assemble and decorate, and we have fun making cakes. It’s nothing professional, but it’s fun and it’s happy and it’s memories, together. And that’s what Kids’ Cake Boxes is all about. Baking is messy and baking is fun and cakes are yummy. Baking cakes is where it's at!

I truly hope you and your kids have fun making these cakes together. And have fun celebrating with friends again!

Bringing joy by bringing friends together, 


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